The really really free market began through spontaneously opened Faceboook Groups. On our home island, in our village, Jenn Auguston, organizes the local in person free market together with other volunteers. It has become something that local families rely on, especially at Christmas Time.


Due to Covid-19, the in person local free market has been cancelled. To complicate, the local thrift stores are also not taking donations this year. While Facebook groups have served the purpose till now, given these new circumstances, we think some more advanced functionality is required to service our communities this year and going forward.

We hope ReallyReallyFreeMarket.org new virtual free market app can continue the good that really really free markets have done in a safe and responsible way this holiday season.

Our Founders

Meg Phillips, Co-Founder

Meg Phillips, Co-Founder

Meg Phillips is a mom and award winning developer of technology for good. In 2020, Meg was awarded Top 5 Global Winner in the 2020 Call For Code for School List It. You can find Meg on Making WordPress Slack, Twitter, and Youtube with the handle @MegPhillips91.

Wendi Munden, Co-Founder

Wendi Munden, Co-Founder

Wendi is a mom, yogi and artist. Wendi is a community-minded influencer and athlete. She regularly leads yoga to benefit her local volunteer fire department or simply to benefit her community. Wendi is an event planner specializing in Hatteras Island Weddings.


ReallyReallyFreeMarket.org aims to create a digital platform for reusing and sharing stuff in community.


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