Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is hosting a virtual free market safe when local thrift stores are closed due to Covid-19?

Yes. The really really free market app makes passing on household goods safe and simplifies the administration of person-to-person sharing.

When a person lists items or groups of items on the virtual free market, they can choose ‘curbside sharing’ or group sharing.

Q. Why does charge to host a virtual really really free market?

The app has ongoing costs to host, maintain, and service. We hope the free market hosting fees will enable us to keep ReallyReallyFreeMarket open this season and for many years to come. For just $250 a local business can sponsor the virtual free market and cover the hosting fees. The business gets banner advertising and other benefits, your community gets a virtual free market, and our application stays in top shape. Its a win win!

Q. What is the safest exchange method?

Safety has many perspectives. Giving your market shoppers some options is a great idea. For instance, nominate the swap location and arrange volunteers to stay through the entire event so that no one is exchanging without extra eyes on the swap. Curbside pick up is of course available to any seller, and every free market community is diverse. In some locations that may be totally safe, and in others it may not be.

Q. What if too many people congregate at the exchange event?

As the host, we reccomend you set up a post which outlines your expectations as to social distancing and mask wearing. You can use your own judgement for safety and monitor how the event is going. Every community is different and as the host you should use good judgement and watch out for the safety of your market members.

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