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Are your local thrift stores closed due to Covid-19?

Many families rely on thrift shopping during the holiday and other season. Hosting a virtual free market can brighten many lives this December. Learn how you can host a virtual free market in three easy steps.

1. Host a market

Each ReallyReallyFreeMarket needs a host. The host will keep the market community clean and free from trash (meaning make sure no dirty pictures or gross language is used). As the host, you will be able to admit members and remove members from the market (just like a FB group moderator). As the host, you will also

  • choose the date and time for the market
  • choose a location for group exchange

2. Invite your friends

Once you have your market set up, invite friends to your market.

Friends can list ‘lots’ of stuff or individual items. For example:

  • box of clothes
  • small kitchen items grouped together
  • small appliances
  • box of toys
  • gaming system

Other friends ‘claim’ listings.


3. Attend the market

The host of the market should attend the group exchange event and make sure everyone is safely participating.

When listing, the seller can select curbside pickup or group exchange. Either way, the seller commits to having the goods ready for pickup by the start date and time of the virtual really really free market.

Ready to get started?

There is a very small fee to host a virtual free market.

In order to maintain the highest ethic, the founders of want all our market shoppers to be clear on the funding of this service. Nothing on the internet or social media is free. Social media sites and progressive web apps like this one have development and maintenance costs. Faceboook and social media sites may seem free, but they are not. Please watch this documentary to learn more. aims to create a digital platform for reusing and sharing stuff in community.


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